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~ Even if it's not medical
Light hair removal that comes out well ~


Initial fee ¥5500→¥3300

Uses the latest machine specializing in men's hard hair! stubborn beard
You can remove hair without pain!

A system that gets cheaper as the amount of hair decreases (beard only)
~10th time ¥8800➡︎​~19th time ¥7700➡︎​20th time~all the way ¥5500
As the amount of hair on the beard decreases, the number of irradiations also decreases. 20813d6c673b_¥5500!

It's like going to a beauty salon.
pay as you go

Simple pricing.
Cheerful Accounting

From the customer's point of view.
careful treatment

I think that there is a strong image that esthetic light is weaker than medical treatment and cannot be removed.
Certainly, the machines used in esthetics are not as powerful as medical equipment.
Therefore, we have independently researched whether it is possible to remove hair efficiently even with weak light, and we are devising techniques to make it easier to remove.

In reality, men's beard hair removal is said to be the most difficult hair removal, but our customers are definitely able to reduce hair.

You can feel the effect in just one timeSo I would be happy if you could experience the effect even for the first time.
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