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~ Price list ~


■ Eyebrow wax design
 First time ¥4800 (about 90 minutes)
¥5500 (approximately 60 minutes) from the second time onwards

We propose cool eyebrows that make the first impression of our customers. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems such as thin eyebrows, rough eyebrows, left and right eyebrows, etc.

[Main treatment contents]
Counseling, image simulation, eyebrow wax removal, face massage, before-and-after comparison

★Please come with your eyebrows stretched out for at least 2 weeks on the day of your appointment.


■ Eyebrow correction (eyebrow perm)
*This is a combined menu with eyebrow wax design.

+¥2200 (+30 minutes for eyebrow wax design)

By perming the eyebrows, it will make it easier to arrange the hair flow of the eyebrows.
Lasts 1-2 months.

[Those who have this problem]
I want to be sharp and masculine / Thin / Mottled / Too thin


■ Light hair removal (initial fee) 
Mustache ¥3,300
​Waki ¥3,300
Leg ¥5,500

Other parts of the menulight hair removalthe page ofplease confirm.


■ Skin care (can be done at the same time as eyebrows and light hair removal)

◉Keratin acne care・・・ Set price +¥2200 Single item ¥3,300

Skin-friendly lactic acid peeling removes old keratin without difficulty. Promotes skin turnover and leads to beautiful skin that is resistant to acne.

◉Pore tightening pack... Set price +¥2200 Single item 

A pack containing plenty of beauty ingredients with immediate effects to tighten pores that tend to open in men. It also has a small face effect by tightening the pores.



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